The world is full of breathtaking and unique locations that make perfect film sets.

The Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe is probably the most unique film location in Europe - a privately owned luxury train for hire.

Suited and equipped for professional filming, photo shooting, presentations, meetings, dinners and much more, while the train is either moving through breath taking landscape or in parked under roof location in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

You decide where, when and how long.
We take care of the rest.

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Majestic Imperator was used in following productions

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  • Knight and Day (20th Century Fox) Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz
  • Spy Capital (Docudrama, Westside Studios)
  • The Vienna Procedure (Feature film, directed by: Andrei Nekrasov)
  • Gucci (commercial 2023/24
  • Guess Jeans (DOP: Roman Kaminski Oscar winner Schindlers List)
  • Travel the Imperial way BBC Moderator Bob Symes
  • ORF Noble Journey
  • ORF With the k.u.k. Luxury train to the Adriatic coast
  • ORF On the rails of the double eagle
  • Till Schweiger: "Head Full of Honey"
ORF Social magazine "Seitenblicke"
  • Train of times
  • Austrians on a long journey
  • Drafts
  • Time travel - Murder Mystery, in cooperation with Vienna's English Theater
  • Travel festival cooperation with Krug Champagne
  • Blitzcourier Japanese superstar Asahi Saki
  • Nice Train - Make a Wish Foundation
  • Before the train
  • Time travel birthday trip for VIPs with international guests
  • First Set

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Dining carriage

  • 42 dining places
  • Kitchen
  • 1 DJ studio wih mixing desk,
  • bar
  • 1 toilet
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Dining carriage / compartments

  • 14 dining places or
  • 14 bar lounge seats
  • +18 coupe seats
  • bar
  • 2 separate toilets
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Dining carriage / entertainment

  • 39/43 dining places
  • Stage / dance floor bar
  • Kitchen
  • 1 toilet
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Dining carriage / compartments

  • 24 dining places
  • +24 coupe seats
  • bar small kitchen
  • 1 toilet
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Dining carriage

  • 36 dining places
  • bar
  • 1 toilet
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Dining carriage

  • 36/28 dining places
  • Bar / Piano Bar
  • Kitchen
  • 1 toilet
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Kitchen and generator

  • Kitchen trolley
  • 70 KVA generator
  • Office Chef de Train
  • Cold walk in storage
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • 1 toilet staff
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Gottfried Rieck

The Majestic Imperator - Train de Luxe - was developed and built in 1990 by Gottfried Rieck, a railway expert with over 50 years of experience. The blueprints and images of one of the most impressive trains of its time were considered inspiration and template: the k. u. k. "Hofaslon" procession of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth


Gottfried Rieck
Founder and Partner
+43 664 432 32 30
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